1-20-2016 448Rosemary (Rosie) Zacharias was born in Dayton, OH to a loving family. They soon relocated to Tucson, Arizona where Rosie spent the majority of her childhood and adolescence. Rosie’s parents split up in her early years and she and her two sisters and brother were raised by their mother, Carolyn. The strength and love that she witnessed being raised by a single mother of four, was deeply impactful. Unfortunately, after years of a truly enriching childhood, her mother fell into a life of drug and alcohol abuse and they lost her just before Rosie had her son Dustin at age 21. Rosie learned so much from watching the short span of her mother’s life. She learned to work hard, but not be afraid to ask for help. That often, time is the greatest gift that you can give to someone in need. She learned that we need to love each other now, because not everyone gets a tomorrow.

Teaching her son these values is what drives Rosie to better her life and the lives of those around her. After reconnecting with long time friends Danny and Laurel, she learned of the amazing work that they had begun on The First Rosie is currently working to raise funds for The First Goal’s Summer Camp in August of 2016, and hopes to continue with the organization long after.